Foundation Course

Foundation Course in Counselling and Psychotherapy for those who wish to explore counselling and learn new skills. Ideal for those involved in Pastoral Care or those who wish to go on to do the Diploma course in Counselling & Psychotherapy or further training towards a degree in Counselling & Psychotherapy with ZestLife or one of the other national colleges. Read More & Apply Online Today

Diploma Course

ZestLife Counselling & Training College: offers you this 2 year part time Diploma Course in Counselling and Psychotherapy. This is a follow on from the ZestLife foundation course in Counselling and Psychotherapy or equivilent course (100 hours). Read More and Apply Online Today

Cert in CBT

This course is for the helping professions and those within the therapeutic field who wish to add CBT to their professional practice. You will learn how to adapt CBT into your therapeutic practice with ease. This course is integrative and taught in an inclusive, practical and interactive model. Read More and Apply Online Today

Advanced Cert in CBT

This Advanced Certificate (Diploma) in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is brought to you by ZestLife College for those in the helping professions who are interested in upskilling and adding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to their toolkit. Applications will be accepted and considered for those hwo have already completed a Professional Certificate in CBT (30 Hours) with ZestLife College or equivilent course with another learning institute. Read More and Apply Online Today

CPD Courses at ZestLife College

Here at ZestLife Counselling & Training College we are delighted to offer you this range of Continuous Professional Development courses. We are particularly excited about this product offering being brought online.

We will offer these courses on a once off in house ( at our centre in Dublin) special incredible price. This is the only time we will run these courses in house as they will be video’s and available online thereafter.

So be a part of this one off offering and tell your friends….. For more information on the course content and details click on the drop down menu’s here…. or contact

Advanced Certificate in Couple Therapy

ZestLife Counselling & Training College: offers you this 60 hours part time Advanced Certificate Course in Couples Therapy. The course is uniquely designed with the practical application of skills, theoretical knowledge and personal development for those working in the helping professions working with couples. The course uses an integrative model of therapy. Read More and Apply Online Today